About Us
Service, Technology and Value

Commerce Industrial Chemicals, Inc. was established in 1948. We began as a solvent distributor in Milwaukee, eventually expanding our service area throughout the state of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Northern Illinois. As times changed so did Commerce, numerous new product lines were added which have made us a major provider to the paint and coatings industry as well as the printing ink and plastics industries today. Commerce is a member of the Wisconsin Paint and Coatings Association (WPCA) and the Northwest Society of Coatings Technology (NWSCT). The employees of Commerce are loyal and well versed in products and operations. They are also active in trade associations as well as civic groups.

Let us introduce you to a full service line of specialty chemical raw materials!

Commerce Industrial Chemicals offers a full line of materials for the Coatings, Adhesive, Plastics, Printing and Metal Working markets. Commerce offers solvents, containers, iron oxides, inorganic fibers, extender pigments, metallic pigments, titanium dioxide, corrosion inhibitors, organic pigments, effect pigments, dyes, calcium chlorides and more. Featuring industry leaders such as BASF, Venator Corporation, WPC Technologies, Purity Zinc, Vanderbilt, Interstate Corporation, Occidental Chemical, Cleveland Steel Containers, Paragon, Fibre Drum Corp just to name a few.

Providing quality service for over 60 years with industry leading principals, technical expertise and exemplary customer service.

Our mission is to provide a combination of service, technology and value to our customers.

We provide the market knowledge and technical expertise to work through problems for solutions that are right for our customers. We take the time and have the dedication to see a project through.