Applied Material Solutions, the parent company of Trans-Chemco, Inc. offers colloidal silica, antifoam and defoamer products, hydrophobic treated silica, silicone emulsions, and toll manufacturing.

 BASF’s flagship brands, Attagel® and Microsorb®, cater to diverse market applications such as construction, paint, foundry, catalyst, animal feed, drilling mud, agriculture, oil filtration and absorbents.

Chicago Steel Container Corporation is one of the largest independent new U.N. and non U.N. steel drum manufacturers in the USA certified to ISO 9001 without design.

 Cleveland Steel Container is in the business of  steel pails, containing everything from hazardous materials to cosmetics. At Cleveland Steel, our energetic team of professionals stands ready to partner with customers to plan, design, produce and deliver the steel pail that meets the shipping and marketing needs of your product –backed by world class  customer service.

Colourscapes is an Indo-Chinese technical producer of organic and inorganic colour pigments.

Fibre  Drum manufactures Lockring Drums as well as Steelkraft Drums to meet our customer’s needs. Containers range from 3 gallon to 67 gallon capacity with the  possibility of anything in between.

Greif is a world leader in industrial packaging products and services. The Company creates competitive advantage for its customers through extensive experience in steel, plastic, fibre, corrugated and multiwall containers for various  industries. 

Known for their patented premium heat transfer fluid, Interstate Chemical Company offers a full commodity chemical product line as well as manufactured products and specialty blending capabilities. Some of these products include resins, plasticizers, catalysts, high silicon electrical steel additives, and wide selection of heat transfer fluids.

KaMin is recognized in the industry as a global supplier with more than 95 years of experience in delivering performance mineral solutions in a broad spectrum of end use markets including: building & construction, automotive & catalyst, agriculture, health & beauty, packaging, and specialty & graphic paper. In September 2022, KaMin completed the Acquisition of BASF Kaolin Minerals Business.

Mauser Packaging Solutions, formed by BWAY, Mauser Group, NCG and ICS, brings unparalleled packaging performance and innovation to redefine sustainability for customers.

Multiquimica is a leading water based resin manufacturer for the coatings and adhesive markets.

Norman International’s UN certified packaging systems come with everything you need to produce a UN package; ring locks, foam packs, can and lid. All HAZMAT packaging products conform to the requirements specified by the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

Omya offers an extensive range of standard and specialty grades of calcium carbonate with different particle sizes and optical values.

OxyChem is the world’s largest producer of calcium chloride, a premium salt with a variety of beneficial applications including ice control,  dust suppression, road stabilization and oilfield services.

High Quality Manufacturer of UN and Non-UN Plastic Pails.

Priority Plastic HDPE canisters and containers set the standard for value, quality and durability. Priority Pour Tight Head and F-Style Containers provide versatile designs and are also available in Eco friendly materials.

Purity Zinc Metals has been producing the industry’s highest purity grades of zinc dust, zinc alloys and zinc anodes for more than 30 years.

Specialty Minerals produces precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and ground calcium carbonate (GCC), mineral ores and natural mineral products, primarily limestone and talc.

Producer of high quality antimony and zeolite products.

Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC offers mineral fillers, thixotropes and chemical additives for Solvent-Borne and Water-Borne Interior and Exterior Architectural Paints and Coatings.

Venator serves a wide range of market sectors from household decorative paints and industrial coatings on ocean liners, cars and steel-framed buildings, to printing inks, fibres, packaging, construction, automotive, medical, health, consumer electronics and sports and leisure.

WPC Technologies is the leading American-owned manufacturer and developer of corrosion-inhibiting pigments and stain inhibitors.