Strengthen Your Product Line Today with Purity Zinc Metals Ultra Pure® Zinc Dust

Strengthen Your Product Line Today with Purity Zinc Metals Ultra Pure® Zinc Dust

Strengthen Your Product Line Today with Purity Zinc Metals Ultra Pure® Zinc Dust

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Because of our partnership with Purity Zinc Metals, Commerce Industrial Chemicals only offers the highest quality zinc dusts in the market today. It’s true! PZM only produces ASTM Type III Zinc Dust: the purest form made and the industries highest standard.

It all begins with PZM’s commitment to using only Special High Grade (SHG) zinc. No scraps. No secondaries. Only the cleanest raw materials are sourced and used. This ensures that Ultra Pure® zinc dust is the safest and best performing zinc dust on the market by giving you the highest metallic zinc content with the lowest levels of lead and cadmium.

Description:PZM Ultra Pure® Zinc Dust:ASTM Type III Zinc Dust:ASTM Type II Zinc Dust:ASTM Type I Zinc Dust:
Total Zinc Content (% minimum)99.00%99.00%98.00%97.50%
Metallic Zinc Content (% minimum)97.00%96.00%94.00%94.00%
Lead Content (% maximum)0.002%0.002%0.01%0.20%
Cadmium Content (% maximum)0.001%0.001%0.01%0.06%

Performance: One key physical property that all industries require for maximum performance is a high metallic zinc content. Metallic, not just total, zinc content directly affects the quality of zinc coatings.

Lower levels of zinc content result in:

  • corrosion,
  • rust
  • loss of electrical potential.

Higher metallic zinc content yields:

  • Improved protection against damaged areas
  • Increase in zinc salt formations to promote healing of damaged areas
  • Enhanced service life of your coatings

Safety: Harmful worker and environmental exposure to lead and cadmium is an important concern for all industries using zinc dust. OSHA has PEL and ACTION levels for lead and cadmium. The first step in meeting these levels is to specify a zinc dust with ultra-low impurities.

Markets and Applications

Paint/Coatings: The success of zinc rich paint systems as a barrier for sacrificial coating against corrosive environments has been well proven and documented. A high level of metallic zinc content is the key to having a superior industrial coating. PZM’s Ultra Pure® Zinc Dust has the highest metallic zinc content in the industry.

Chemical Industry: Zinc dust continues to play an important part in the manufacturing of bleaches for textile and paper industries. In addition, it is used as a reducing agent, a catalyst, and a polymerizing agent in the manufacturing of many chemicals and drugs.

Hydrometallurgical/Mining Applications: Zinc dust is used as a precipitant for many metals to purify solutions containing metals such as copper, cadmium, gold, and silver.

Petroleum/Lubrication Industry: Zinc dust acts as a catalyst in the production of benzene and gasoline. It is an essential ingredient in certain pipe and screw thread lubricating compounds and finds additional use in the manufacturing of soaps from paraffin compounds.

Friction Applications: Metal powders are added to friction formulations to change their properties and enhance high-temperature performance. Zinc dust is known to improve high-temp performance.

Other uses: Due to its high reactivity and controlled particle size distribution, zinc dust is an important ingredient in explosives, fireworks, match heads, smoke compounds, soot removal agents, and is used in the sherardizing processes.


CIC and PZM will work with customers to establish the best packaging based on a common concern for safety, convenience, handling, economics, and batch size. Standard packaging includes:

  • 1 gal steel pails (10-22lbs)
  • 3.5 gal steel pails (50-73lbs)
  • 5 gal steel pails (75-100lbs)
  • Fiber Drums (250-500lbs)
  • Super Sacks (1,000-2,500lbs)

Allow us to work with you to customize package sizes/fill weights that meet your batch requirements.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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